Requests for support

What needs to be considered?

Application form


The sponsoring association supports the CAMPUSSAAL with financial contributions and promotes non-commercial, in particular cultural, operations as well as social activities. For further information, please read the guidelines for a sponsorship contribution. To submit a request for a sponsorship contribution, complete the application form and follow the instructions in the guidelines.


Patronage Brugg/Windisch

The town of Brugg and the municipality of Windisch can rent the CAMPUSSAAL for ten events per year free of charge under their patronage. For further information, please read the hall usage concept. To submit a request for rent-free use, follow the instructions in the reservation request for rent-free use of rooms and facilities of the CAMPUSSAAL.

Guidelines for subsidies

Comments on the guidelines

Funding principles

Reference to the Brugg Windisch region

The formal criterion of a connection to the Brugg Windisch region is essential for funding in any case and is considered overriding.
This means that the project is planned and/or carried out by cultural practitioners or institutions from the region. This criterion is met if the applicant has lived in the Brugg Windisch region for two years or if there is a close connection with the region through the cultural activity. It is expected that those responsible for the project also submit an application for support to their municipality of residence or location.

Promotion criteria

Applications for project contributions are assessed on the basis of the qualitative criteria formulated below:

  • Coherence:
    The form and content of the project are coherent. The project convinces through commitment.
  • Professionalism:
    The project is implemented in a serious manner, e.g. by building on appropriate training and/or experience.
  • Relevance:
    The project addresses current social issues, creates cultural added value or contributes to understanding between different population groups and cultural circles.
  • Resonance:
    The project has the potential to generate interest among the public and experts and to be present in the media.
  • Feasibility:
    The project is appropriately budgeted, the financing plan is serious and, in addition to contributions from third parties (private individuals), also shows own contributions (admissions, other income, etc.). The time schedule is realistic.

A high degree of autonomy of the project, interdisciplinarity and the stimulation of new perspectives (innovation) are welcomed. Likewise, networking among institutions and cultural practitioners is welcomed (networking).
Generally not supported:

  • Applications that are not submitted on time, i.e. only after the project has been implemented
  • Charity events
  • Club events and neighbourhood festivals (not open to the public)
  • Events within the framework of political occasions
  • Events that take place in a religious context


Submit application for rent reduction CAMPUSSAAL

Project submissions shall be assessed and reviewed according to the aforementioned eligibility criteria.

Applications must be submitted in writing, either in paper form by letter post or as a PDF file by e-mail. In the case of digital submissions, the documents must be summarised in a PDF document.

The following requirements must be fulfilled in order for an application to be processed:

  • The applications are complete and submitted on time. An application consists of:
    • Request for assistance;
    • Project description;
    • Project budget;
    • Financing plan (private, public, own contributions) including information on the desired contribution amount;
  • Details of the main persons responsible and their previous artistic activities.
  • The project has a connection to the Brugg Windisch region.
  • The project is not for profit.
  • The project is open to the public.

The application form (see folder Application for subsidy) must be completed in full or:

The documents are to be submitted to:

Support Association CAMPUSAAL
c/o Johann Ritzinger
Sonnmattweg 24
5234 Villgen


Dates and decision

Deadlines for applications are: 31 January, 31 May, 31 August,
31 October.

After receipt of your application, you will receive a written confirmation of receipt. The application is usually dealt with at the following board meeting, so that you will receive a written decision about one month after the submission date.

The contribution will be transferred directly to the operator of the CAMPUSSAAL by the Friends and deducted from the invoice for the hall rental.

The decision of the Board is final and cannot be appealed.


Board of Directors of Förderverein CAMPUSSAAL
Brugg Windisch, March 2013