Cover photo Facebook winter night 2016 Cuepli - CAMPUSSAAL
The guests were enchanted with much charm and sympathy

The second "campussaal winter-night" took place on 9 December 2016. The main act 77 Bombay Street and the supporting band Final Story animated the guests to sing and dance along with much charm and sympathy. The event had a very festive, pre-Christmas character and invited the guests to chat, linger and enjoy the atmospheric gala seating.

Newspaper article on the campussaal winter-night 2016

cslwn1619 - CAMPUS ROOM
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That was the programme:

from 18:30

Welcome aperitif in the foyer

"Remiger Wine Foam Soup"

Musical interlude with "Final Story

Main Course Gala Dinner
" Fillet of beef roasted in one piece
Port wine jus
Potato gratin
Winter vegetable bouquet"
(Vegetarian by prior arrangement)

Musical main act with "77 Bombay Street

"Cinnamon parfait on orange salad marinated in Grand Marnier

from 22:00

Bar/lounge operation with "77 Bombay Street