Full success


"The 14th Swiss Planners' Day was a complete success. We were able to count on the support of the CAMPUSSAAL team before, during and after the event.
We were also very satisfied with the service and technical support."

Stefanie Weber, Sales Manager, Euroforum Deutschland GmbH

Large contribution


"On behalf of the entire Bachateala team, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for the great contribution of the entire CAMPUSSAAL team. Our Bachateala Festival, which we were able to hold for the first time in the CAMPUSSAAL, was a complete success. A huge thank you for the great support."

Luigi Miggiano, Managing Director MaklerLine GmbH

Location offers only advantages


"The cooperation was always very pleasant, constructive, professional and supportive for me. I always had the feeling that I could rely on you and your event partners. I was particularly pleased with the work of the people from Dr. W.A. Günther Media Rent. They mastered the not so easy initial situation with aplomb. The location actually only offers advantages. The accessibility couldn't be better, the entire infrastructure is excellent. Opinions differ on the acoustics. For me it makes sense the way it is, others regret that the CAMPUSSAAL doesn't really sound good without amplification. "

Jürg Moser, Music Pedagogical Director, Brugg Music School