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We value professionalism and expertise in our service and are committed to continually investing in the development of our staff in their areas of expertise. Our team is constantly growing and improving in order to provide you with outstanding service and expertise at all times.


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02 Alain Campiche - CAMPUSSAAL
Alain Campiche
03 Christina Veloudios - CAMPUSSAAL
Christina Veloudios
Project Management Events
04 Meagan Mrose - CAMPUSSAAL
Meagan Mrose
Project Assistance
05 Laura Neubauer - CAMPUSSAAL
Laura Neubauer
Starter line  
06 Juergen Boerner - CAMPUSSAAL
Jürgen Börner
Logistics + Maintenance
07 Sandra Sutter - CAMPUSSAAL
Sandra Sutter
Marketing Administration  
Julian Steiger 2 - CAMPUSSAAL
Julian Steiger