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For the promotion of cultural activities and social activities

The Friends of the CAMPUSSAAL

Sense and purpose

Our goal is the broad support and recognition of the CAMPUSSAAL in the Brugg-Windisch region. The association supports the operation of the CAMPUSSAAL with financial contributions and promotes non-commercial, in particular cultural, operations as well as social activities. We want to help give a boost to the use of the CAMPUSSAAL. To this end, uniform guidelines on the funding principles were drawn up and adopted in March 2013. These are now applied to the applications and are actively used. This means that the same formal criteria apply to all interested applicants.

The sponsoring association is to carry the names of the local communities far and wide. Brugg and Windisch are to develop into a supra-regional educational, conference and cultural centre. The starting position is good: The CAMPUSSAAL Brugg-Windisch is in an excellent location, has a mobile room divider and modern equipment.

How it all began

Our history

2001: The Grand Council designates Brugg-Windisch as the location for the campus of the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW).

26 August 2008: The sponsoring association is founded. The founding members are Andreas Bürgi, Anton Lauber, Reto Miloni, Marco Valetti and Urs Widmer.

2008: The councillors of the town of Brugg and the municipality of Windisch as well as the voters approve the construction of the CAMPUSSAAL.

January 2013: It is announced that the contributions for the operation of the CAMPUSSAAL will double. The local councils in Brugg and Windisch clearly approve the annually recurring additional credits for five years. In Windisch on 23 January and in Brugg on 25 January.

3 March 2013The voters of Brugg and Windisch have the floor. Ballot on the contributions to finance the operation of the CAMPUSSAAL. The population also approves the additional credit.

19 October 2013: With the open day for the public in the afternoon and the official opening of the hall in the evening, the vision of the CAMPUSSAAL has become reality.

The CAMPUSSAAL Brugg - Windisch *A Jewel*

The centrepiece of the campus of the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) looks architecturally elegant and impresses with its warm colour scheme in shades of red. Visitors are very impressed by the design. Above all, the acoustics, the dimensions of the room and the ceiling design with the lighting elements have a festive, generous effect.

We at the Friends of Brugg-Windisch look forward to many interesting encounters in the CAMPUSSAAL.

Kind regards
On behalf of the Board of Directors
Support Association CAMPUSSAAL Brugg-Windisch

The President
Johann Ritzinger

The Vice-President

You stand behind Campus Hall

The Board of Directors

Johann Ritzinger



Vice President

Julia Geissmann


Anton Lauber

Company & Economy

Stefan Wagner


Dave Roth


Stefan Wagner


Willi Wengi


Vacant - Deputy Johann Ritzinger


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