General terms and conditions

For the use of CAMPUSSAAL Kultur + Kongresse, Bahnhofstrasse 6, 5210 Brugg-Windisch

1. foundation
The general terms and conditions of the CAMPUSSAAL are an integral part of the event agreement and come into force upon definitive reservation. Additional information such as event layout, basic technical package, partner offers, etc. are also an integral part of the event agreement or the reservation confirmation.

2. number of persons
The number of persons notified 10 working days before the event is binding on 10% and the number of persons notified three working days before the event is deemed absolutely binding. CAMPUSSAAL is entitled to adjust the room allocation and the agreed room provision costs accordingly in the event of changes in the number of participants.

3. insurance/liability for damages
Movable items brought in by the organiser/guest are not insured by the CAMPUSSAAL. The organiser/guest must take out insurance for loss, damage and destruction for both the items brought in and the inventory of the CAMPUSSAAL. CAMPUSSAAL declines all liability. CAMPUSSAAL accepts no liability for external services (such as caterers, artists, performers, decorators, etc.). The organiser is liable to CAMPUSSAAL for all damage and loss caused by him, companions, assistants, decorators or event participants, without CAMPUSSAAL having to prove fault on the part of the organiser. If a third party has carried out activities on behalf of the actual organiser which result in damage, the organiser shall be liable to the CAMPUSSAAL as joint and several debtor for all obligations arising from the contract. The affixing or fastening with nails and screws of advertising media to facades, columns, walls and passageways is in principle only permitted by CAMPUSSAAL employees and subject to charging to the organiser. Should the organiser fail to comply with this point of the contract, CAMPUSSAAL reserves the right to charge the organiser for the damage incurred.

4. authorisations/renewals
From 00.15 hrs on weekdays incl. Sundays and public holidays or 02.00 hrs on Fridays/Saturdays, a permit must be obtained in the Canton of Aargau for the extension. Unless otherwise stipulated in the rental contract, the necessary permits will be obtained by CAMPUSSAAL and charged to the organiser. In the case of parties, the organiser must have his event concept, including traffic and safety arrangements, approved by CAMPUSSAAL and also submit a corresponding application to the Brugg Regional Police. The organiser is responsible for obtaining permission for the public use of music from SUISA and for paying the corresponding fees. Acoustic (such as musical performances) and large-scale decorative installations outside the main hall must be authorised. The necessary permits will be obtained by the CAMPUSSAAL and charged to the organiser. In the case of events with an unpredictable number of participants, the organiser is obliged to ascertain the exact number of people on site.
in order to ensure the appropriate security arrangements.

5. employee costs
CAMPUSSAAL reserves the right to charge for additional staff hours on a time and material basis due to guest requirements. Insofar as this is known before the event, this will be shown on the agreement.

Hourly rates:
Project manager CHF 95.00 per employee hour
Event leader CHF 65.00 per staff hour
Service / Logistics CHF 45.00 per employee hour
Cloakroom attendant/check-in CHF 45.00 per staff hour
Staff porter/cleaning CHF 45.00 per staff hour
Special: After midnight until 07:00 hrs we charge for our services due to the requirements of the L-GAV (Landes-Gesamtarbeitsvertrag des
hospitality industry) a night surcharge on staff of + 10%.
For events with individual collection, the bar is tended by our staff, whose working hours must be charged.
The tap fee is CHF 32.00 per bottle of wine brought along.

6. disposal & cleaning
The organiser is responsible for the disposal of the material brought along by him. Any employee and
Disposal costs will be invoiced. In addition to the labour costs, CHF 50.00 will be charged per container.

7. technology CAMPUSSAAL
The technical equipment in the CAMPUSSAAL may only be operated by an in-house technician of our venue partner. If the organiser books an external technical company, the following must be observed
book our in-house technician for the entire working time at CHF 95.00 per hour. In addition, the external technical company must pay the CAMPUSSAAL a turnover tax of 10%.

8. cancellation fees
If the client withdraws from the contract, the work already incurred (incl. consultancy) and a lump sum for lost turnover will be invoiced. The latter includes the amount specified in
the sales volume promised (event agreement sent out).

The following approaches apply here:
Fee for cancellation of events in the CAMPUSSAAL:
up to 90 days before the event: 25% of the prospective turnover
90 to 60 days prior to the event: 50% of the promised turnover
59 days until event date: 100% of the envisaged turnover

CAMPUSSAAL does not accept any cancellation fees for external services (such as caterers, artists, performers, decorators, etc.). If no services are offered, CAMPUSSAAL will charge CHF 20.00 per person for aperitifs and CHF 50.00 per person for seminar and banquet events. If the cancelled event takes place at a later date, CAMPUSSAAL will reimburse the cancellation costs.

9. terms of payment
CAMPUSSAAL invoices are payable within 10 days of the invoice date. CAMPUSSAAL may require a deposit of up to 80% of the order total in advance for orders over CHF 1,000.00. For payments after the due date, CAMPUSSAAL shall be entitled to charge interest on arrears in the amount of 5%.

10 Withdrawal from the contract by CAMPUSSAAL
Up to the current, agreed event date, the CAMPUSSAAL is entitled, for justified reasons, to withdraw from the contract extraordinarily by means of a unilateral declaration without incurring any costs.
to resign. Justified reasons are for example:
- Force majeure or other circumstances beyond the control of CAMPUSSAAL which make it impossible to fulfil the contract;
- Events which have been booked under misleading or false statements of facts essential to the contract, e.g. in the person of the organiser or the meeting or event organiser.
Purpose of the event;
- If there is reason to believe that the event threatens to jeopardise the smooth running of the business, the safety or the reputation of the CAMPUSSAAL and also the owner communities;
- The purpose or reason for the stay is unlawful;
- The agreed payments on account are not met or not met on time;
- If doubts arise about the creditworthiness or seriousness of the organiser;
In the event of cancellation by the CAMPUSSAAL, the organiser shall not be entitled to any compensation and the compensation shall in principle continue to be owed.

11. access restriction
There are no access restrictions. The hall is wheelchair accessible.

12. place of jurisdiction is Brugg
The General Terms and Conditions CAMPUSSAAL are an integral part of the event agreement and automatically come into force upon definitive reservation.