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Seven gives you goosebumps in the CAMPUSSAAL

The sixth "campussaal winter-night" took place on 3 December 2021. The festive gala dinner was musically accompanied by regional newcomer Cinzia Catania, who got the guests in the mood for the evening with her passionate performance. The gala evening was crowned by the rousing performance of the Swiss R&B and soul musician Seven.

That was the programme:

from 18:30

Welcome aperitif incl. champagne


Musical interlude with Cinzia Catania

Main Course Gala Dinner

Musical highlight with Seven


from 21:00

Admission Cüpli tickets, separate area

from 22:00

Bar/lounge operation with Seven


That was the gala menu:

"Nut salad with croutons, chopped egg and bacon".


"Roast beef cooked in one piece
Béarnaise sauce
Potato gratin and winter vegetables".


"Cinnamon Panna Cotta with Flambéed Oranges and Vanilla Crumble".