The authenticity as well as the elegance of the hall rounded off the whole.

Placeholder White - CAMPUSSAAL

"The capacity and the excellent location of the CAMPUSSAAL were decisive for our choice of location. The stairs leading down to the foyer as well as the foyer itself were very important to us for dreamlike photos. The authenticity as well as the elegance of the hall rounded off the whole thing. We also appreciate the pleasant and trustful cooperation before and during the event. A big thank you to the whole team for their valuable support."

Cagla Ilhan, Wedding

Trustful cooperation


"The first overall impression of the Campus Hall was decisive for our choice of location. The very pleasant and open communication with Mr. Alain Campiche and Ms. Christina Veloudios strengthened our choice. Many thanks for the great and trusting cooperation with the entire team."

Hakan Sinani

Tolli Hochziit


"What a great wedding! We don't even know how to thank everyone! Our guests, dear colleagues, family, who came to celebrate with us, who didn't leave us all alone, thank you so much! Many thanks for the presents and the good luune! Thank you for the many messages! Dear ASHLY (Amarawedding), who made my wedding a dream wedding and motivated me during the difficult time (COVID-19)! Thank you CEM Abi (Grup Bambaska) for your excellent isatz! Thank you CAMPUSSAAL for the good cooperation and for your warm welcome! Thank you dear Christina. for making us happy! Thank you Baris and the team for the wonderful photos and videos! Thank you Sinan for the fine food and the good service! Thank you Sibel abla for the make-up, you are a pro! Thank you Ebru for the amazing hairstyle! THANK YOU SO MUCH!"

Dilek Yüce

Excellent support


"I would like to thank the CAMPUSSAAL team for the excellent support before and during the event and their venue partner Opera for the excellent technical support. Thank you very much for everything!"

Werner Järmann, Bözberg