Event planning
made easy!

Step 1: The idea

All great events start with an idea, a vision: our spaces can be used in a variety of flexible ways, be it a concert, a gala, a wedding or a business event; whatever it is, we make it happen. We are at your side with our experience to realise your perfect idea.

Step 2: Initial clarification

Do you have an idea but don't know if it's feasible? No problem, we got your back! Contact us without obligation and we will support you in making your event a reality. With our flexible setup we can find a clever solution for your event.

Step 3: Guide value

Once you have forged your big plan, you can visualise your ideas financially in our indicative quote calculator. The calculator will then show you the rough scope of your plan.

Attention: Some details, especially technical ones, cannot be processed in advance by the calculator. Therefore, a deviation of around 20% is to be expected.

Step 4: Detailed planning

Once you have created the framework of your event using the configurator, we will contact you to discuss the next steps. In the course of this, a detailed quote will be created and every aspect of your event will be planned and organised. We will be on hand to offer you advice and support.

Step 5: Digital accompaniment

To ensure that your event really makes the rounds among your potential visitors, we have a marketing team to crank up the advertising machine. Whether it's designs for promotional material, websites or social media ads, our marketing team will help you get your event the attention it deserves. There is also the opportunity to host or support events digitally. Livestreams and VR events are currently in vogue.

Step 6: Implementation

Now comes the moment of truth. The guests have arrived, everything is organised and the event can begin...

Step 7: Résumé

Looking back, we analyse the outcome of the event. We sit down together in person to review. There is always a lot to learn. What worked best? How many guests actually came? Where could we still optimise? Is there perhaps already a next time? In any case, it was an honour for us...