Something for every taste

On 17 and 18 March 2017, the first Culture Night took place in the CAMPUSSAAL under the motto "Spring Awakening". In the course of this spectacular event, associations and culturally committed people from the Brugg-Windisch region had the opportunity to present their talents. The numerous audience members enjoyed a varied show that had something to offer for every taste. The performances included harmonious yodelling sounds, stirring musical acts, breathtaking gymnastics displays and impressive dance performances.

We would like to thank the rousing stage acts and the great audience for making the first Culture Night in the CAMPUSSAAL a complete success.

kulturnacht1714 - CAMPUSSAAL
kulturnacht1712 - CAMPUSSAAL
kulturnacht179 - CAMPUSSAAL
kulturnacht177 - CAMPUSSAAL
kulturnacht175 - CAMPUSSAAL
kulturnacht173 - CAMPUSSAAL
kulturnacht1713 - CAMPUSSAAL
kulturnacht1711 - CAMPUSSAAL
kulturnacht178 - CAMPUSSAAL
kulturnacht176 - CAMPUSSAAL
kulturnacht174 - CAMPUSSAAL
kulturnacht172 - CAMPUSSAAL