Current: Post-Corona preparations

The Corona crisis challenges us all. It is undoubtedly exhausting, but it also brings with it many new lessons that we can take with us into the post-Corona era. Creative approaches are encouraging! Something is happening ... and they have what it takes to establish themselves in the future.

Guideline + suggestion for your event "afterwards

We react. You do too! And together we react professionally, constructively and creatively. Because "live" events are by no means dead. No, they are simply growing together with "digital" events. This results in exciting hybrid forms and unique hybrid events that are aimed precisely at the current zeitgeist. The CAMPUSSAAL team has already done some "thinking out loud" for you 😉 What do you think?

Scenario 1

You want: Do not exceed the maximum number of persons currently permitted by the FOPH.
We recommend: Book 2 separate rooms. Divide participants. Script so that one part of the show is performed on stage room 1, while a live stream projects the action on big screen in room 2. Next speaker appears personally in front of the guests in Room 2, while this is streamed in Room 1. In this way, the beat of the music or the crackling atmosphere spread by the speaker can be experienced up close and simultaneously in different rooms.
Added value: Live stream of both rooms can additionally be made available to an extended virtual circle of participants = cost-effective multiplier!

Scenario 2

You wish: Virtual participants should not have to do without a sensual "live experience" at the hybrid event.
We recommend: Send registered participants a package 1 day before the event, which they are not allowed to open until the moderator asks them to do so (ideally during the coffee break). The package contains, for example, a coffee latte mug and CAMPUSSAAL-Spitzbueb biscuits. Alternative for e.g. aperitif: Prosecco and olives. Unlimited possibilities. Together with our florist partners, we will also be happy to advise you on flowers or scented candles as package enclosures.
Added value: We-feeling is created by simultaneous opening, surprise effect, the scent of the event is real, brand awareness can be generated.


And while we're on the subject ...

Our tip: Keep hybrid events as short as possible to keep participants interested. 1 Convey the core message. Split a "before" big event into regular smaller events on only one key topic each. Side effect: more specific target group address.

Our tip: Always offer space - even if it is virtual - for exchange. Interaction, dialogue and feedback are crucial! Together with our VenueTechnik partner Opera we will be happy to advise you on voting systems and virtual/augmented reality.

We continue to accompany our organisers into the new, changed world of events. Let us become the professionals of "after" events together. We are also ready to respond to all your creative ideas. Take us at our word! Let us prove what we do best: thinking ahead, looking ahead, being flexible and adaptable to changing needs. Simply, be a reliable partner for our customers who rolls up its sleeves and pulls together with you. Towards the future. Let's go!