Guests have felt at home


"We would like to thank you again for all the time before the podium and also during. We had fun with you and even when things got stressful, we managed. We are thrilled with how professionally the protection concept was implemented. The guests felt comfortable despite the measures."

Manuela Studer, Events and Members, KMU SWISS AG

Tolli Hochziit


"What a great wedding! We don't even know how to thank everyone! Our guests, dear colleagues, family, who came to celebrate with us, who didn't leave us all alone, thank you so much! Many thanks for the presents and the good luune! Thank you for the many messages! Dear ASHLY (Amarawedding), who made my wedding a dream wedding and motivated me during the difficult time (COVID-19)! Thank you CEM Abi (Grup Bambaska) for your excellent isatz! Thank you CAMPUSSAAL for the good cooperation and for your warm welcome! Thank you dear Christina. for making us happy! Thank you Baris and the team for the wonderful photos and videos! Thank you Sinan for the fine food and the good service! Thank you Sibel abla for the make-up, you are a pro! Thank you Ebru for the amazing hairstyle! THANK YOU SO MUCH!"

Dilek Yüce